Help for Social Anxiety, Panic, Perfectionism, and Depression in Teens.

Support for Teens, Families, and Parents

At this time in your life, you may need someone who is on your side. Someone who understands what you’re feeling and can be objective about your situation.

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Parent Consultation

The resource for parents of teens with mental health needs.

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Hi, I’m Monica.

I help teens move from being avoidant, unmotivated, and risk-prone to confident, self accepting, and engaged. I collaborate with other professionals your child is being helped by to give your child every shot at success. AND -parents of teens get personalized parenting strategies from me so you can handle those important conversations that you really want to get right.

Do you remember being a teen and feeling disconnected from your parents? I do. HERE is where your teen can safely explore their feelings and learn about resources to cope with problems.

Restoring Relationships

Get warm and experienced care in-office or securely online.

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