Let’s Get Real

A Creative Arts Process Group for Teen Girls + to Stay Mentally Healthy and Motivated

Be honest…

We are really missing safe and meaningful connections. When we can’t be together and feel supported by the needed companionship, laughter, and kindness of others,  we have a much harder time weathering challenges like frustration, disappointment, anxiety, and sadness. And we’re less motivated to get things done. The stress people are feeling from the pandemic is cumulative, which means it’s more likely to get worse, not better, over time. 

Let’s Get Real is an art journaling group for girls + who need relaxed, no pressure together time to get inspired and feel positive. Art journaling is an easy, fun and no-expectations approach to being social. It’s what we’re craving right now-a safe, non-judgmental, comfy cozy place to express yourself and be with girls + who are a lot like you.


I’ve been spending quality time in my role as a licensed mental health therapist with teens for many years and in many places, talking about their struggles. Their feelings. Their frustrations. Helping them find a healthy path towards adulthood that fits them so their unique strengths can shine. And I know that one of the most important pieces in the healthy developmental puzzle is having friends to figure all of this stuff out with.

The pandemic has made relationships REALLY HARD to access, and I’m here to help with  this struggle, giving tools to teens so they can support themselves and their loved ones through these trying times.

Let’s Get Real will provide:

  • a vital social outlet to reduce isolation, reduce stress, and increase feelings of well-being.
  • non-judgmental, accepting, and relaxed peer group of girls + who are happy and confident being themselves.
  • support and guidance from a teen and family mental health counselor for mental health issues like anxiety and depression and the concerning behaviors that can be connected to them.

Important Information

  • Where do we meet? Online, every Wednesday, January 13 from 4:00-5:30 pm. We will  move to in-person format if desired when COVID-19 health and safety guidelines can be 100 percent followed and assured for all attendees.
  • How many sessions do I have to sign up for? Sign up for as few or many sessions as you would like.
  • Will I know anyone else in the group? This is an open-enrollment group, which means anyone can join at any time, for any length of time. Sign up with a friend and receive a 10 percent discount! 

  • What kind of person would like this group? Girls + who are feeling the negative impact of social isolation AND who identify as a girl, or femme, in any way that is important to you. Ages 14-17; exceptions may apply and will be discussed individually before the start of group.
  • But I’m not creative. No art experience is needed! In fact, some of the best artists I know are just people who like art. You can literally be part of this group because you are sick of feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, and irritable, and you are open to trying something new. That’s it.
  • What do I need? A sketchbook that you like and some basic inexpensive art supplies. Click here to see a list of my favorites. OR, indicate in your registration that you want my ArtStarter kit! Click here to see what’s in it.

Let’s Get Real Registration Form

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