One only needs to step inside a museum or pause at an art gallery to recognize the love for and connection to art human beings have always had. Art stirs our souls and imagination and brings beauty to our everyday lives. But it turns out, art also brings a slew of benefits to our mental health.

The Many Benefits of Appreciating the Beauty of Art

Research is now clearly indicating that art, whether it be making, viewing, or using in your home, can have a positive impact on our mental health. Artist and author of The Artist’s Way Julia Cameron describes artmaking as “an act of faith…sometimes we are called on pilgrimages on its behalf, and, like many pilgrims, we doubt the call even as we answer it. But answer we do”. Connecting and engaging with beauty, in the form of visual art has shown to reduce stress, slow heart rate, and increase feelings of happiness and hopefulness. Why? Art and artmaking is one of human beings’ first forms of language, and communicates simply and powerfully to a primal part of us. Without any effort, we connect easily with each other through visual symbols and colors.

Give Art Therapy a Try

Art therapy is the practice of using visual art for self expression and communicating that expression with others. The idea behind this practice is that many modern people, whether they are aware of it or not, feel a massive disconnect from each other. When you think about it, our ancestors spent hundreds of thousands of years making art WITH each other. But today, most of us are only connected to a digital device.

Art therapy gets us away from our screens and into using our creativity. We can see our lives; our thoughts, feelings, and problems from a new perspective. Many clinicians, including myself, believe that art has a natural ability to balance us. When we get back in touch with our creativity, we can experience improved mental health.

If you are feeling out of sorts and like the idea of trying art therapy, you can simply spend more time doodling or coloring. If you would like someone to help you unlock your inner artistic problem solver, please get in touch with me to talk about how I offer art therapy services in my practice.