Creative Arts Journaling:
Connecting and Creative Play

Experience stress relief, self-exploration, and connection with art journaling.

Starts May 12th, 2021 via Zoom.

You’ve been showing up for everyone else; now it’s time to show up for yourself.

Remember keeping a journal? A place to tell your most cherished and private things, to discover and deepen your understanding of yourself; a place for self discovery and self expression.

Creative Arts Journaling is a 6 session visual art expression group that meets every other week where you can join with other women who are craving a creative boost for relaxation, companionship, and a big reset. Like a knitting circle, coming together in artistic craft allows us to bring beauty and the collective support we so need into our lives. And, just like your writing journal holds your words, your art journal holds your creative self. All you need is a sketchbook and some basic, inexpensive supplies. Each week brings a gentle optional theme.

Working in your journal sketchbook, you will dive deep into your own creativity. You will show up for yourself, be witnessed and supported by the creativity of others, and leave feeling refreshed.

No art experience is needed!

Suggested list of supplies:

  • something to write with – your favorite pen or pencil
  • something to write in- a sketchbook journal
  • watercolor paints, colored pens, colored pencils, markers
  • 4 sheets of loose paper (any color) OR tissue paper
  • glue stick
  • painter’s tape or masking tape
  • old magazines, junk mail, other already collected paper memorabilia
  • scissors
  • if painting, disposable cup with water and paper towel
  • something from nature


Cost: $25 per group



6 Wednesdays, bi-monthly, from May 12th-July 26th, 12-1:30pm. Location TBD on current COVID-19 safety protocols.

 May 12th: Theme: How to Liberate Your Creativity

May 26th: Theme: Follow a Path to Your Inner Nature

June 9th: Theme: The Joy of Getting Real

June 23rd: Theme: Relaxing into Alive Presence

July 7th: Theme: Finding Freedom

July 21st: Theme: You are Not Lost

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