Therapy for Teens, Families, Adults

At this time in your life, you may need someone who is on your side.
Someone who understands what you’re feeling and can be objective about your situation.

Everything has a crack in it. That’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen, Anthem

Teen therapy
For teens (ages 12-18) who are going through a tough time. They are struggling with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, grief, deep frustration, low self- esteem and conflict in their relationships.
How it Helps: Therapy actively supports normal development. It’s a place to learn safe ways to explore and express feelings, have a caring, non-judgmental place to talk about yourself, and get resources to cope with problems. Available in-office or online.

Family Therapy
For families experiencing chronic disconnection and are struggling to communicate positive family values and a sense of belonging.
How it Helps: Families regularly go through big changes, and time set aside to talk about and plan for these transitions can be a powerful tool for relief and family restoration. Available in-office.

Therapy for Adults
For individuals who want to engage fully and energetically in their lives and relationships but are feeling anxious, depressed, overtired, disconnected, or struggling with trauma.
How it Helps: Committing to a time of personal reflection and discovering new ways to care for yourself, especially if you are facing difficult emotions or life events, can enrich how you move through your life and relationships. Available in-office or online.

Restoring Relationships


Therapy should help you feel better, and be as confidential, convenient, and easy to access as possible. With 24/7 scheduling, an online client portal, and a secure online therapy option, you can get the help you need.

I can work with you.