Couples Therapy for Parents

Anxiety about parenting? I get it. Here’s a place for you to get resources, education, and support to create harmony and closeness.

“If he’s struggling now, what will his future look like?”

“She needs to open up to someone. I want that someone to be me.”

“He won’t listen to me anymore, and we argue.”

“I tell her the divorce isn’t her fault. But she’s angry.”

Teens want our input and need our limits, but the naturally uneven process of maturing, academic and social pressures, and adversity, like mental health issues or negative life events, causes chronic disconnection. Studies show that a strong emotional bond between parents and children is their best defense against risk issues and emotional distress. Without regular, active repair of this bond, teens can’t access the rich and unconditionally supportive love parents have for them.

I know how painful and confusing anxiety, depression and other significant mental health needs can be to parent and, like you, I care deeply about getting your teen reliable and effective resources and treatment during this time. I listen to you and your teen. I help parents re-create closeness and a calmer home, and teens to find their unique successful path towards positively contributing to society. You can expect me know about:

  • how mental health needs and developmental needs can be nurtured at the same time
  • how to cultivate your teen’s natural, emerging competence and strong capabilities while living with a mental health diagnosis
  • how to maintain safety boundaries that meet the needs of your family
  • the difference between stress, emotions, and behavior
  • what types of mental health support your teen needs during each stage of treatment and healing and where you can find them

How to get started.

If you’re feeling disconnected, frustrated, or scared about your relationship with your teenager, let’s find some time to talk about what’s going on. I know what you’re going through, and I’ve helped many parents facing similar problems.¬†


Restoring Relationships

Restoring Relationships  is based on the principles of Positive Discipline